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20 July 2010 @ 09:05 am
'Dark House' Wins Fangoria FrightFest Competition  
The votes have been tallied and a winner has been selected for the Fangoria FrightFest film competition. The winner is Darin Scott's film 'Dark House', and that will ensure the movies theatrical release.

Dark House was directed by writer/producer Scott, and is a high-tech vision of a traditional “haunted house,” which features a strikingly horrific performance by genre legend Jeffrey Combs. Meghan Ory, Danso Gordon, Bevin Prince, Shelly Cole, Matt Cohen, Scott Whyte, Ryan Melander, Meghan Maureen McDonough, and Scotty Noyd, Jr co star in the film.

The Fangoria FrightFest contest began as a partnership with Lightning Media who agreed to distribute independent horror films via DVD, Video on Demand and Digital Download. Other films that were in the competition with Dark House were Pig Hunt, Fragile, Grimm Love, Hunger, Road Kill, The Haunting and The Tomb.

The big screen premiere will hit theaters on July 30th. Below is the movie synopsis and trailer for the movie.

Dark House Trailer from FangoriaFrightFest on Vimeo.

"After being traumatized by a terrifying event in her youth, Claire Thompson (Ory) tries to come to terms with her demons by revisiting the old house where a terrible children's massacre took place. The hitch? The place is now being used as a haunted house attraction set up by Walston Rey (Combs). When the home, formerly run by the evil Miss Darrode (Salinger), is set to open for the press, Walston recruits Claire and a few of the folks she became friends with in acting to perform as part of the event. Too bad for them Darrode's spirit has other blood-soaked plans."